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Wind power generation
FirstackIt happened1.5MW~3MWDoubly-fed converter,1.5MW~5MWFull power converter full series drive solutions。Can get through itEconoDUAL3/4/6Or in parallelPrimePACK1/2/3OrIHV 4500V/1200A NPCMore than three level in parallel to achieve the level of power。
Photovoltaic (pv) power generation
FirstackIt happened1500V/1000VVoltage system,500kW/630/1MW/1.3MWThe full series drive solutions。Can passPrimePACKTwo parallel、EconoDUALFour/Six parallel、Danfoss/Fuji TTwo parallel type three level module、Vincotech/SEMIKRON...
New energy vehicles
FirstackIn view of the new energy automobile industry,Different models of electric drive module requirements,Provide conforms to industry standards,High reliability,Intelligent overall solution to drive,In strict accordance with the relevant product designTS16949As wellISO26262Certification system,Can be widely used in new energy bus,Commercial vehicles,SUV...
Industrial energy saving
FirstackHave from50kWTo the20MWIndustrial drive converter full series drive solutions。Drive cover62mm、EconoDUAL、EconoPACK、PrimePACK、IHM、IHVWait for all sorts of encapsulated module,The biggest support8In parallel。
rail traffi
FirstackIs a leading domestic rail drive suppliers,Products cover rail main transformer、Auxiliary variable、Super capacitor charging converter and can supply converter。
The smart grid
FirstackIt happenedAPF/SVGAnd other small equipment and powerHVDCVery large power transmission equipment such as drive solutions。
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Hangzhou fly shi technology co., LTD(Firstack)Committed to the intelligentIGBTDrive、PowerSTACKResearch and development Sales,To provide customers with complete、High quality power module, the overall solution。The company is located in the northern software park of hangzhou auspicious garden road99The canal industry building,,Is an innovative high-tech enterprise power electronics field,Now is the national high and new technology enterprise、National double soft enterprise、Provinces, cities and research and development center、Characteristics of potential enterprise、The third innovation entrepreneurship competition in China top ten enterprise of new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection fields,Innovative entrepreneurship competition of new energy and smart car competition won third prize of the global finals enterprises, etc,And has passedISO9001AndIATF16949Quality system certification。
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