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The haunted house design studio to the haunted house shall be divided into three parts,Normal version,Lean version,Premium edition,In any form,Any field of the haunted house is fit for any version

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About us Yiyang hatred shadow network technology co., LTD The haunted house design studio was established2012Years,A group of daring to challenge the strong,Dare to innovation85After the team,Mainly engaged in the haunted house,The haunted house design,The haunted house construction,The haunted house,City of terror,City of terror。Jiang,Zhejiang,Fujian region influential specialized in the haunted house production base。There is a group of technical excellent construction team,Advanced design idea and aesthetic spirit of innovation,Technology guard a pass layer upon layer fulfil,Practice the design,Production,To maintain the principle of one-stop service,Ensure customer no...


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