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   City of Shanxi Province travels apricot blossom village Fen altar wine sales co., LTD. Is located in the advantageous natural geographical conditions of wine——Apricot blossom village。Apricot blossom village wine has a long history,Unique geographical conditions,With excellent groundwater resources and unique liquor-making microbes,The talents,Smell good。
   Fen altar wine company and JinYu liquor companies qiangqiang cooperation,Is a collection of wine、Into a dress、The sale is a body、In order to produce high quality liquor flavor types of collective enterprises,Cover an area of an area100Mu,Fixed assets2800Ten thousand yuan。In liquor production800Tons。Made of flowers series and so on old pure grain base liquor is the company's brand image。PassedISO9001:2008The national quality system certification,Its products are high quality sorghum、Rice、Peas for raw materials, etc,With one thousand years of fenjiu traditional brewing technology combined with modern science and brewing,Fragrance is pure product、Pure and refreshing,Soft embellish,Is back to the sweet taste,Sold to more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide,Autonomous region,Deeply the general consumers。

Fen altar wine30Years53Degrees388/The bottle
Fen altar wine20Years45Degrees288/The bottle
Its jin celadon45Degrees30Years
Its jin15Years45° 128Yuan/The bottle
Its jin 480Yuan/The bottle
Classic Fen altar wine480Yuan/The bottle
Its jin2328Yuan/Box(Thirty years)
A classic wine Fen altar wine glass bottle
Its jin1
Its jin2
Its jin3
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